Icehouse Hawaiian Shirt and Short – LIMITED EDITION

25 Icehouse Hawaiian Shirt and Short 1

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Icehouse Hawaiian Shirt and Short – LIMITED EDITION

Icehouse Hawaiian Shirt and Short Icehouse’s next album Sidewalk was released in 1984 and peaked at No. 8 on the National albums chart with singles “Taking the Town” peaked at No. 29 in May, “Don’t Believe Anymore” peaked at No. 31 August and “Dusty Pages” peaked at No. 82 in November. Davies used the Fairlight CMI digital sampling synthesizer exclusively on this more sombre and reflective album. Davies was commissioned to compose and record the score for the Sydney Dance Company production of Graeme Murphy’s work Boxes; from Icehouse, Davies only used Kretschmer, with percussion being supplied by Masaki Tanazawa. Boxes was first performed live at the Sydney Opera House on 7 November 1985. After the Boxes project, Icehouse was Davies, Kretschmer, Pratt and Qunta with former Members member Simon Lloyd (sax, trumpet, keyboards) and Steve Jansen (drums, percussion).

Icehouse Hawaiian Shirt and Short Their 1986 release Measure for Measure featured Brian Eno as an additional performer; it provided the Australian singles of “No Promises” No. 19, “Baby, You’re So Strange” No. 12, “Mr. Big” No. 14 and “Cross the Border”. Further inroads into the U.S. market occurred with “No Promises” peaking at No. 9 on Billboard Mainstream Rock chart and “Cross the Border” reaching No. 19. In Canada, “No Promises” reached No.61. On tour for Measure for Measure, Icehouse were Davies, Kretschmer, Lloyd and Qunta with Glenn Krawczyk on bass (replacing new member Vito Portolesi after nine shows) and Paul Wheeler on drums. On 14 August 1986 their performance at New York City’s The Ritz was recorded as Icehouse: Live at the Ritz, directed by John Jopson and broadcast on U.S. TV on 9 September 1987 and on Australian TV on 15 November 1987; it was released on VHS and NTSC formats. Jopson was subsequently used to direct four music videos for Icehouse. Stephen Morgan replaced Krawczyk on bass during 1987.

25 Icehouse Hawaiian Shirt and Short 1
25 Icehouse Hawaiian Shirt and Short 1

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