Cat bowling because murder is wrong Shirt

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Cat bowling because murder is wrong Shirt


You know what sport predates the Roman Empire, Jesus Christ, and even the first Olympic Games held in 776 BCE? Bowling!Back in the 1930s, a British anthropologist named Sir Flinders Petrie discovered a primitive bowling set in the grave of a child. So, what’s interesting about that? The grave dated back nearly 5000 years, to the height of the ancient Egyptian empire.Egyptians bowlingSince then, other anthropologists have discovered hieroglyphics and artwork depicting a sport remarkably similar to modern day bowling. Even more, Professor Edda Bresciani of the University of Pisa uncovered an ancient hall approximately 90 miles south of Cairo that appears to be one of the first indoor bowling alleywaysGermanyGerman historian William Pehle asserts that modern day bowling appears to have its roots in Germany, dating back to 300 CE. At that time, most Germans carried kegels, a wooden, pin-shaped rod for sport and protection, and it was believed that knocking down these kegels, or pins, with a rock would pardon their sins.

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Cat bowling because murder is wrong Shirt

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Cat bowling because murder is wrong Shirt

Presently, bowling is played by more than 95 million people worldwide in over 90 countries. From professional leagues to kid’s birthday parties, it has grown from a dark, gambling-filled taverns to family-friendly alleyways and halls. While bowling has had its ups and downs throughout the centuries, its popularity continues to thrive with every new generation and is still one of the most played sports in the worldSourceswww.bowlingmuseum.comwikipediaShare Share Tweet+1Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/relatedblogs.liquid
3 commentsKaty February 06, 2021King Henry III was not alive in 1366 when he supposedly outlawed bowling. It was more likely King Edward IIIPreston February 06, 2021I love bowlingDouglas JOhnson May 27, 2019In 1897 Lemuel Moody built the Portland Observatory, a marine flag signal tower. On the preopeerty he had a bowling all in a building. What would an 1807 bowling alley look like. What was the game. I have not been able to find any references to what yhere might have been in 1807Leave a commentNameEmailPlease note, comments must be approved before they are published

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Cat bowling because murder is wrong Shirt
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Cat bowling because murder is wrong Shirt

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