Cat Pickleball because murder is wrong Shirt

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Cat Pickleball because murder is wrong Shirt

Co-existence of cats and humans is evident from fossil records from early human settlements, although these have been assumed to be wild cats. The development of true domestication (or perhaps more accurately ‘taming’ of cats) was previously thought to have occurred in Egypt around 3600 years ago. Skulls of cats found in Egyptian cat burial grounds (called Mau by the Egyptians) have been identified as mainly being of the species Felis sylvestris lybica (the African wildcat) (some texts will also classify the African wildcat as Felis lybica lybica) and it is this wild cat living in Asia and North Africa that is now thought to have been the major ancestor of the modern-day Felis catus. However, more recent evidence shows that feline domestication probably occurred about 10,000 years ago or more in the Middle East, in the region of the Fertile Crescent. The earliest true record of domestication comes from a cat that was found deliberately buried with its owner in a grave in Cyprus, some 9500 years ago, and it is assumed that domestication will have begun some time before this as there were no native cats on Cyprus.

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Cat Pickleball because murder is wrong Shirt

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Cat Pickleball because murder is wrong Shirt

Living near peopleThe first evidence of human stores of grain come from Israel about 10,000 years ago, and it is known that the development of grain stores caused an accumulation and rise in the population of the house mouse. It is this rise in the rodent population that is thought to have first attracted wild cats into close proximity with humans and then led to their subsequent taming. Cats more tolerant of humans would have been more likely to come close to human settlements, and this self-selection would have helped in the process of their taming and domestication.Archaeological evidence suggests that cats were commonly found in association with human settlements in the Fertile Crescent (Israel and the surrounding countries) by 3700 years ago, and they became an ‘official deity’ (in the form of the goddess Bastet) in Egypt around 2900 years ago. Large numbers of cats were sacrificed to Bastet and mummified at that time, indicating that the Egyptians were actively breeding cats. By 2000 years ago there was increasing evidence of cats spreading throughout Europe.

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Cat Pickleball because murder is wrong Shirt
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Cat Pickleball because murder is wrong Shirt

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