Glasses make me sexy locs make me dangerous Shirt

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Glasses make me sexy locs make me dangerous Shirt

Another style that was prominent during this time was “scissor spectacles.” These were glasses that could be stored in the pocket and taken out when needed for seeing something important. Some men did not enjoy wearing glasses full time, so these were the answer: pocket glasses that could be folded up on a hinge like a pair of scissors.As the 19th century dawned, glasses were still handcrafted and not available to everyone. But the industrial revolution was right around the corner, and mass production of both frames and lenses made it much simpler for working men and women to obtain the necessary eye correction.The early 1800s also saw the introduction of peculiar cylindrical lenses for correcting astigmatism.MODERN INNOVATIONSWith lens technology and accurate prescriptions becoming ever more affordable during the 1800s, the 1900s saw a trend toward making glasses fashionable and stylish. Frames with different shapes, materials, and colors became available for those who wanted glasses to match their face shape, eye color, or outfit.

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Glasses make me sexy locs make me dangerous Shirt

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Glasses make me sexy locs make me dangerous Shirt

For example, Theodore Roosevelt wore pince-nez spectacles, which had no earpieces, but instead stayed in place with a nose clip. These glass were quite popular earlier in the century, but fell out of fashion as they became associated with older generations.Most notably, styles changed because of the availability and development of strong plastics. No longer did all glasses need to be made with wood, metal, or horn frames. Plastics could be molded into many shapes and sizes.The 20th century also saw the rise of sunglasses. While sunglasses were first innovated in China during the 12th century, they were not for vision or for protection from the sun. Instead, they were used to obscure the eyes of judges in court so no one could determine their expressions.Other glasses manufacturers experimented with colored lenses, but these again were not for protection. Only in the 1900s did tinted sunglasses begin to be used for light sensitivity caused by medical conditions. The fad spread beyond medical application, and starting in 1929, sunglasses were mass produced for sun protection and reducing glare.Finally, the 1980s saw the introduction of plastic lenses. These were less breakable, and they could be made lighter and thinner than their glass predecessors. Modern technology continues to improve glasses with protective coatings that reduce glare and UV light.Your glasses are the result of centuries of innovative technology. For more information on finding the right glasses for you, contact us at All About Eyes.SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENTFind your nearest All About Eyes location and schedule an appointment today!


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Glasses make me sexy locs make me dangerous Shirt
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Glasses make me sexy locs make me dangerous Shirt

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