Hairdresser She god mad hustle and a dope soul poster

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Hairdresser She god mad hustle and a dope soul poster

Women’s hair grew taller in Hairdresser She god mad hustle and a dope soul poster style during the 17th century, popularized by the hairdresser Madame Martin. The hairstyle, “the tower,” was the trend with wealthy English and American women, who relied on hairdressers to style their hair as tall as possible. Tall piles of curls were pomaded, powdered and decorated with ribbons, flowers, lace, feathers and jewelry. The profession of hairdressing was launched as a genuine profession when Legros de Rumigny was declared the first official hairdresser of the French court. In 1765 de Rumigny published his book Art de la Coiffure des Dames, which discussed hairdressing and included pictures of hairstyles designed by him. The book was a best seller amongst Frenchwomen, and four years later de Rumigny opened a school for hairdressers: Academie de Coiffure. At the school he taught men and women to cut hair and create his special hair designs.


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