Hummingbirds Remember me poster

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Hummingbirds Remember me poster

Then researchers revealed the freaky truth: Hummingbirds Remember me poster hummingbirds have forked tongues that are lined with fine hair-like extensions called lamellae. When the hummingbird starts drinking, the tongue’s forks opens, the lamellae unroll and curl around a drop of nectar. Then as the tongue is brought back into the mouth, the forks close and the lamellae trap the nectar. There’s video, but be warned: It’s kind of unsettling.

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A hummingbird’s brain makes up a whopping 4.2 percent of its weight; proportionally, that’s the largest of any bird’s. By comparison, our brains are 2 percent of our body weight. Inside that big brain is a veritable encyclopedia of important information. Studies have shown that hummingbirds can remember every flower they’ve ever visited, including on migration routes.

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