Leprechaun Kiss me I’m highrish shirt, tank top



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Leprechaun Kiss me I’m highrish shirt

Leprechaun is an Irish mythological goblin, often described as an old man with a childish physique, wearing a red or green shirt and likes to play in mischievous play. spend most of his time making shoes, and hiding gold coins in the gold jar at the end of the rainbow. If captured by humans, Leprechaun will grant that person three wishes for his release. Therefore, everyone wants to catch Leprechaun in exchange for 3 wishes for themselves

In Irish folklore, Leprechaun was first mentioned in a medieval story called Echtra Fergus mac Léti (Adventure of Ferguson’s son, Léti). The story tells that Fergus mac Léti, King of Ulster, was sleeping at the beach when he was discovered dragged into the water by three Lúchorpáin (ancient Leprechaun writing). He awoke and arrested these “kidnappers”. In exchange, they granted the other king three wishes to grant their freedom.

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Leprechaun often lives alone, with a career in shoemaking. According to William Butler Yeats (a famous Irish poet and playwright at the end of the nineteenth century – early twentieth century), the goblins’ possessions were from precious crockets from the wartime that they had made. possessive..

Legend has it that Leprechaun was originally from Tuatha de Danann (an ancient race of Irish mythology). When the Milesians (ancestors of modern Irish) conquered Tuatha de Danann, Leprechaun was exiled to live underground.

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