Mickey Minnie you and me we got this poster

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Mickey Minnie you and me we got this poster

Clamour for change led to the birth of the Mickey Minnie you and me we got this poster orphanage movement. In England, the movement really took off in the mid-19th century although orphanages such as the Orphan Working Home in 1758 and the Bristol Asylum for Poor Orphan Girls in 1795, had been set up earlier. Private orphanages were founded by private benefactors; these often received royal patronage and government oversight. Ragged schools, founded by John Pounds and the Lord Shaftesbury were also set up to provide pauper children with basic education.Orphanages were also set up in the United States from the early 19th century; for example, in 1806, the first private orphanage in New York (the Orphan Asylum Society, now Graham Windham) was co-founded by Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, widow of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers of the United States. Under the influence of Charles Loring Brace, foster care became a popular alternative from the mid-19th century.


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As the game is popular among children Mickey Minnie you and me we got this poster worldwide, it is also known under various other names depending on locality, such as Russian scandal, whisper down the lane, broken telephone (in Greece), operator, grapevine, gossip, secret message, the messenger game, and pass the message, among others. In Turkey, this game is called kulaktan kulağa, which means from (one) ear to (another) ear. In France, it is called téléphone arabe (Arabic telephone) or téléphone sans fil (wireless telephone). In Malaysia, this game is commonly referred to as telefon rosak, in Israel as telefon shavur and in Greece as spazmeno tilefono which all translate to “broken telephone”. In Poland it is called głuchy telefon, which means deaf telephone. In the United States, the game is known under the name telephone – which in this use is never shortened to the colloquial and more common word phone.

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