Never underesting the old man who loves piano poster

Never underesting the old man who loves piano poster

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Elderly people learn the piano has many benefits such as relaxation, relieve stress, stress, enhance memory, practice flexibility of hands, eyes, … That’s why before embarking on getting used to The piano needs to determine what to play the piano for: to satisfy your passion, to be entertained, or to become a professional pianist. Because each purpose is different, it requires different training and selection process. So each person needs to determine the purpose of learning the piano, then find the most suitable way to learn the piano. Knowledge of music theory is one of the important factors for every player. If you do not master the music theory, you are very difficult to learn and master in how to play. Therefore, whether you are an adult or a child, before starting to practice piano, you need to be equipped with the most basic knowledge of music. And of course, if you play the piano proficient in the future, you can learn more advanced musical theory to play the piano better.

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