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Goats like to eat at the altitude of 0.2-1.2m. They can stand on both feet for a long time to pull leaves, even climb trees to choose delicious parts to eat. Goat lips and tongue are very versatile for grabbing food and choosing what it likes best. Goats have difficulty eating food that is close to the ground, often having to kneel down to eat. This is also an animal that is very resistant to thirst. Goats often gather in herds and each in the herd has a certain social position. In the herds of wild goats can be up to a few hundred. They are also selective specialists and are good at getting food where it is difficult to get. They can choose to eat leaves in thorns or choose the right young grass to eat. Goats in Morocco also know how to climb trees to find the shoots on high branches.

Goats are active animals that love to run and climb very well. On average, goats run and jump every day from 10 to 15 km. They can climb cliffs, dangerous cliffs next to deep pools, can move easily on the steepest cliffs. In case of need, an adult male can stand for a long time on a rocky ledge on the edge of the abyss with an area of ​​only about 200-300cm2. Clinging to the slightly protruding rock mounds, goats can climb up nearly vertical slopes. Even a baby goat, just 12-15 days old, was able to jump on the cliffs 1 – 2m high.

What is Nice Butt Goat Poster

Nice Butt Goat Poster2
Nice Butt Goat Poster2

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Nice Butt Goat Poster2
Nice Butt Goat Poster2

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