Senior skip day champion 2018 shirt

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Senior skip day champion 2018 shirt

Even if Skip Day is a well-known activity for seniors to participate in, make sure you won’t be risking ruining a relationship with a favorite teacher, or one who helped you out a ton during the college search and application process. Senior skip day champion 2018 shirt Obviously most teachers would rather have you in class than miss a day towards the end of the year, even if otherwise an event a ton of seniors participate in. Also also not totally unheard of for teachers to get back in touch with a school if they think what they wrote in a recommendation or supplemental material for an application no longer stands based on your participation in things like Skip Day. Some teachers have also altered grades for students not in class on Skip Day, which can be a huge deal if you’re on a college waitlist or are on the borderline in terms of final semester grades that will be reported to the college you’ve composed on.


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Even though spring weather can be amazingly tempting, viewed important to remember that many of us face a season full of final projects and exams before we can enjoy the summer. Keep these deadlines in mind when deciding whether or not preserved participate in Skip Day. After all, arranged definitely not a smart idea to skip on a day you have major projects due or tests coming up. Not only will you not want to miss important projects and exams, but expanded also key to go to any study sessions or review days teachers may be having as well. Check (and double-check) your syllabus, talk to teachers, and make sure you know exactly what’s coming on a day you plan to skip before actually following through that plan.

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