Technically alcohol is a solution cat poster

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Green chemistry is the concept of sustainable chemical development (also called sustainable chemistry), thereby encouraging the development of methods and processes of creating products to limit the production and use of toxic chemicals. Green chemistry seeks to reduce and prevent pollution at its source.

The concept of Green Chemistry comes from the recommendations of the Pollution Prevention Treaty adopted by the US Congress in 1990. The idea of ​​the best way to reduce pollution costs is to control at the source more. is solving problems related to the discharge of toxic chemicals into the environment. Green chemistry combines a new approach to the processes of synthesis, processing and use of chemicals in such a way as to minimize the threat to health and the environment.

In 1998, Paul T. Anastas and John C. Warner of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) formulated 12 fundamental principles for green chemistry . Any chemical process must meet the above 12 standards to be considered truly sustainable, without affecting the environment. In 2001, Winterton introduced 12 other principles, aimed at clarifying the original 12 principles . In 2005, Tang, Smith and Poliakoff reduced the 12 principles to PRODUCTIVELY in order to make them easy to remember

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Technically alcohol is a solution Poster1
Technically alcohol is a solution Poster1

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  • Technically alcohol is a solution Poster1
    Technically alcohol is a solution Poster1

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