Texas Longhorns Cloth Face Mask

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Texas Longhorns Cloth Face Mask

The Texas Longhorn is a breed of cattle known for its characteristic horns, which can extend to over 70 inches tip to tip for bulls, and up to 100 inches tip to tip for steers and exceptional cows. They are descendants of the first cattle introduced in the New World, brought by explorer Christopher Columbus and the Spanish colonists. The Texas Longhorns are direct descendants of the first cattle introduced to the New World. Texas Longhorns Cloth Face Mask The ancestral cattle were brought by colonizer Christopher Columbus in 1493 to the Caribbean island that would become Hispaniola, to supply food to colonists. Between 1493 and 1512, Spanish colonists brought additional cattle in subsequent expeditions. The cattle consisted of three different breeds; Barrenda, Retinto and Grande Pieto.

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Descended from cattle that thrived in arid Spain, these cattle have been bred for a high drought-stress tolerance. Texas Longhorns are known for their diverse coloring, and can be any color or mix of colors, but dark red and white color mixes are the most dominant. Due to their innate gentle disposition and intelligence, Texas Longhorns are increasingly being trained for steer riding, including being used in parades. Portuguese cattle breeds, such as Alentejana and Mertolenga, are the closest existing relatives of Texas Longhorns.

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