Warning I May Start Talking About Math At Any Time Face Mask

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Through a growing body of research, reports and experienced doctors, this deadly virus is associated with everything in the body, from the brain to the toes.

Below is a breakdown of the ways COVID-19 can affect different parts of the body:


The corona virus can cause redness of the eyes, causing pinkeye or conjunctivitis in some patients. Doctors have suggested that this sign develops in severe illness, and a study of 38 patients hospitalized in Hubei, China, found that one third of them had sore eyes. red.


Neurological symptoms such as dizziness, headache, decreased consciousness and musculoskeletal trauma have been reported in some cases. According to the Wall Street Journal, Chinese doctors in April published a study on the function of the nervous system in the Journal of the American Medical Association, showing that patients may also have problems. More serious, including seizures and strokes, occur when blood clots move to the brain.


In addition to the irregular heartbeat, doctors have seen alarming cases of myocarditis, which can lead to cardiac arrest in patients infected with corona virus. Mitchell Elkind, a neuroscientist at Columbia University and president of the American Heart Association, told the news agency: “Many patients seem to be making good progress on their breathing, but suddenly they develop develop a heart problem, seemingly unsuitable for their respiratory status. ”

Sensory nervous system

The inability to taste and smell has appeared as a special symptom closely related to the virus. According to researchers from King College London, a condition known as anosmia, was not initially recognized as a symptom of the virus, but data from a symptom tracking application in a study for found that 60% of people who are positive for corona virus said they have lost their sense of smell and taste. About a quarter of patients had these strange symptoms before developing other conditions, suggesting it could be an early sign of the virus.


The corona virus also thickens the blood and creates blood clots in the veins, according to the doctors. The blood clots can burst and travel to the lungs and brain, potentially causing a deadly condition that medicine calls pulmonary embolism. At present, science has not been able to explain why viruses are able to create blood clots, and why the body cannot break them.


Gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain are one of the main symptoms in many patients. According to a study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, nearly half of the virus infected patients hospitalized in Hubei province, central China, suffer from this condition.


Kidney damage has been reported in hospitalized patients, with an alarming rate of dialysis patients. A nephrologist said that nearly half of the hospitalized patients had blood or protein in the urine, indicating early kidney damage. And initial data shows that about 14 to 30% of patients need intensive care in New York and Wuhan, suffer from paralysis of kidney function and require dialysis or continuous kidney replacement therapy.

What is Warning I May Start Talking About Math At Any Time Face Mask

Warning I May Start Talking About Math At Any Time Face Mask
Warning I May Start Talking About Math At Any Time Face Mask

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